About us



The company „Studija lape“ was founded in April 2004. From the very beginning of studio’s existence we were looking for our signature style, experimenting and gaining experience in individual house design. As the time went by, the area of our specialization expanded. Today the main working fields of our studio are single family houses, residential buildings, public and commercial buildings, as well as interiors of private and public spaces.

Our experience:  more than 150 projects, 100+ of which are already built. Most of them are single family houses.

The philosophy of the studio is based on a continuous learning, which comes from the vast interest in various topics, such as building technology development, socio-economic needs of people and, naturally, searching for aesthetic quality. The meaning of aesthetics to us is the balance between perfect order, function and a pinch of dreams. That is why we declare personalized architecture: design, which is sensitive, responsive, sociable, improving.

The latest change in our studio - acquired Passive House Designer certificate.



2011 – Best private interior award "Auksinė paletė" (Golden Palette) in "Metų interjeras '11" (Interior Of The Year ’11) competition.

2011 – Best bathroom award "Auksinė paletė" (Golden Palette) in "Metų interjeras '11" (Interior Of The Year ’11) competition.

2006 – Best semi-detached house. Exhibition -competition "Individualių namų architektūra 2000-2006" (Architecture Of Individual Houses 2000-2006).

2005 – Knauf prize for "Už pasvirusį apvalumą" (For Slanted Roundness)

2005 – Most impressive interior in public interior category "Visuomeninis interjeras darbui" (Public Interior For Work).



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Maжор Дом” 2012 апрель (Belarus)

“ДОМЬ“  2011 Но.1; 2012 Но.6, (Belarus)

Maжор Дом” 2010 октябр (Belarus)

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